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Life Sucks.

A comic about three boys, and their personal problems...
and how they get through them together.

Typical (kind of) modern teenage life story, which means lots of dramaaa, coming-of-age, friendship, love(?), and life in all it's suckiness, in general.
The story can get a little rough sometimes, but plenty of comic-relief to tone it down.

Will contain all kinds of stuff:
Just a little homo. Don't let that
be the only reason you (won't)read this comic, though

(updates: Monday)


Woops, work caught up with me...

Been busy all last week! I'll have an update up by Wed (two days from now),
so until then hang tight people <3

posted by i.likeziggz @ 13 Jun 2011 05:46 pm  -  1 comments

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